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 一、 Custom Clearance
1. We are familiar to the newest policies and regulations of China Customs and China Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau; we are experienced in the whole import and export process and operation. We can provide the professional services of entry, customs inspection, fumigation, etc. for the import of logs, lumbers, wood fang and for the export of woodware, flooring billets, furniture.
2. We are familiar to all kinds of logs from Africa, Europe, South America, South East Asia, we can being you agency of importing these logs from the purchasing to the customs clearance. You only need to tell us what you need.
二、 Financing
1.     We can issue full-value L/C for our clients’ import business by using our good bank credit record, while our clients only need to deposit a certain percentage money of the contract to our account. For the export, we can offer our client the financing service by accepting the export L/C as the guarantee.
2.    We can accept the the cargo mortgage financing service for our clients that need the liquidity cash.

3. We can advance the export rebates for our clients that need to cash the profit.
三、Artificial Boards Export Business
Our company is specialized in the technology of mdf, plywood, particle board, block board and wood flooring. We strictly focus on the quality control and have been providing the customized service for many clients.
四、Mating Service
Our brother-company Guangzhou Ouhua Wood Co., Ltd, close to the Huangpu Port and the Yuzhu International Timber Market, has the progressive facilities and excellent warehouse, who can provide the saw, steam, dry, storage, etc.
   1) Owning the Spanish GILET full-automatic sawmilling process equipment and Italian INCOMAC advanced full-automatic computer control-monitor drying and steaming facilities.
   2) Owing 1000㎡hypaethral storage yard equipped with gantry crane these kinds of professional equipments, which is a great storage for logs and timbers.
2、Cooperating with the Small and Medium Enterprise to develop the global market
 We can provide the service of seeking the supply of goods for the import client and developing the global market for the export client, besides, we offer the service of organizing enterprises to participate the foreign trade show.

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